AWKE - Atack Whyte Knight Enterprises

About Us


AWKE is a partnership made up of:


In December 1999 Simon setup Atacks Computers to host his email and web presence with a server based in Peterborough.  Shortly after it was setup several friends expressed a wish for web hosting services so the server was reconfigured to provide these.

In 2004 Atack Whyte Knight Enterprises (AWKE) was formed through the addition of two partners, Peter and Ben, who had been major customers of the original server, at this time a new server was purchased and it was based in Telehouse, in London’s Docklands. The partnership runs in conjunction with the owners full time jobs.

Originally using a 1U rack mounted server, it eventually proved too power hungry and the virtual servers were far more effecient, so we switched to a VPS with a client of our existing hosting.  In Janurary 2010 we moved back to our original hosting company as they had got a very good virtual server offering going.  In addition to this 2 other VPS based in the UK have been purchased to provide a fully redundant DNS & MX service, as well as providing an emergency hosting option if necessary.  They also allow us to offer other hosting options such as MUD hosting etc.